About me

About Me
I have been running since 2004.

In the past eight years, running has turned into an addiction and has transformed my life for the better, but I also encountered several running injuries.

It was only recently when I started practising yoga more seriously that I managed to keep my running injuries at bay. Being injury free means a lot to me every time I head out for a run, not to mention the improved times.  These are definitely a blessing.

Yoga practice may have started out as rehabilitation to running, but it has evolved into a journey for me to learn more about my mind and body. All thanks to the awesome teachers whom I met!

Apart from running and practising yoga, I also enjoy checking out good eats and travelling.

As such, I hope you will enjoy my blog.  If  any of these posts resonate with you, do drop me a note! It will be great to hear from you.

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