Barcelona: One week

Low 20s degree Celsius weather makes running very enjoyable. Once we ran up to Gaudi’s famous Parc Guell. And check out that bicycle lane!

Fresh produce at great convenience and are inexpensive.

Familiar Nespresso comforts (capsules are 40% cheaper! And a free coffee each for buying some capsules!). 2-Euros Moritz. A very happy person intoxicated by love, great food and Sangria. (The gin tonic is W’s.)

Nothing beats 0.80 Euros dark choc, amazing strawberries/raspberries/cherries, and great coffee!

Some culture: Musical theatre and Dali’s melting clocks at the Gothic quarters. Picasso museum vs a contemporary Antonio Tapies’ Foundation. Works at Picasso museum belonged more to his formative years and his Blue period. Unfortunately the facade of the Antonio Tapies’ foundation was more exciting than the works inside.

Inside the Gothic cathedral. Amazing vaulted ceiling. Was tickled by how a pope was depicted being buried under an altar.

Typically a day begins with a run in the morning, 2-hours of Spanish lessons, a trip to the supermarket, sightseeing in the afternoon and then cooking dinner in the apartment.

Fresh produce is readily available and inexpensive, so we cook most of our meals. This allows us to stretch the dollar for 2 months. We have eaten out only 3 times, with the most memorable meal at La Pepita. La Pepita is a small and cosy small restaurant, just 250m away from our apartment and serves contemporary tapas like fried abergines resting on goat cheese cream and honey, fried egg with fois gras and fries and codfish tartare.. Our dinner yesterday: 10 types of tapas, 1 mains and 1 desserts, with 8 drinks totalled about 100 Euros (just about 163 sing dollars!) Apparently the restaurant is always packed. Not surprising for the affordable fare and multi-lingual wait staff. And while we were there, apart from Spanish, there were also some Japanese, English, French and Italians. We loved the vibrant yet cosy ambience in the restaurant!

With much gastronomic exploration to uncover in Barcelona (be it cooking at home or eating out and including 2-euros cavas/cervezas and under 5-euros Riojas), it is very necessary to maintain a consistent workout regime. So I am making it a point to run at least 5km every day for the 2 months being away. The source of this inspiration is found here. So far, I have run everyday for the past 6 days! And we walk everywhere to the various sites of interest, which are usually 2.5-3km (1-way) away.
We check off some sights for the week: the Gothic quarters, Picasso museum, Antonio Tapies Foundation and the Sagrada Familia cathedral.
Planned for the week ahead includes a cooking lesson on Wednesday and a cycling tour in the vineyards.

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